KaithalMajar (Dargah) Of Baba Shah Kamal

According to author of the famous book Alkamal, Sayyad Khursid Hussain Bukhari, Baba Shah Kamal was born on 20th August, 1489 in the famous Kadaria family of Baghdad. He was named Kamalludin Hasan. He is said to have attained spiritual power and spiritual knowledge by birth having been the 12th descendant of famous Hazrat Gaus Pak-e-Aazam Sayyad Abdul Kadar Jilani. He came to India in 1522 via Rome, Iran, Egypt and Italy. During Sher Shah Suri’s Rule, he came to Kaithal and stayed there for ever.

He achieved salvation on 26th October, 1573 on the banks of Bidkyar Sarover, where a dargah was constructed and exists till date as a source of spiritual salvation and sufism. ‘Urs’ is celebrated till date in the last week of March every year on this dargah. Presently, Baba Kulwant Shah serves the Dargah.

Friendship of Baba Kamal Shah and Baba Sheetalpuri was legendry in old times. Till date, his dargah is served and visited mostly by Hindus. During ‘Urs’, a special offering is made every year from Dera Sheetalpuri on the dargah of Baba Shah Kamal.

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