KaithalKapil Muni Sarovar, Kalayat, Kaithal

Legend has it that Maharshi Kapil Muni created Sankhya Darshan here after rigorous penance. Legend also has it that Saint Kapil Muni recited Sankhya Darshan to his mother, Mata Dev Bhooti here. Legend also has it that King Salwan came here. As per a curse, his body used to be lifeless while sleeping at night. When he came to this Kapil Muni Sarovar, his two fingers and thumb touched the saroaer sand. That night, his wife pointed out that while his body was lifeless, yet there was moment in the two fingers and thumb.

King went back the next day and rubbed the entire sarovar sand on his body curing him for ever. He constructed two temples on the bank of the sarovar in the 7th Century A.D. in Nagara style. Molded bricks have been used in the construction of the temples. Temples are particularly famous for their interlocking construction style without use of any adhesive like mud or limestone. Temples have survived till date. Excavation of the Sarovar has resulted in discovery of many sculptures and artifacts which date back to 2nd Century B.C. and some of them depict the Khajurao style.

Temple and Sarovar have been partly restored with efforts of people and present day Kaithal’s M.LA., Randeep Singh Surjewala. Remaining restoration work is being undertaken at present.

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