KaithalSurya Kund

Surya Kund has a huge ‘sarovar’ along with four male bathing ghats and one female bathing ghat. On the eastern side of the ‘sarovar’, there exists a historical ‘Sun Temple’, which has idols of ‘Lord Surya’ as also ‘Sukhdev Muni’. A 30 feet long tunnel i.e. a sanctorum exists upto the centre of the temple. On eastern side, a historical temple of ‘Lord Shiva’ is situated. This entire temple complex dates back to Mahabharta Era.

Entire complex had turned into ruins for centuries. With dedication and determination of people and Kaithal MLA & Cabinet Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala, this complex stands restored to its pristine glory.

Restoration includes stone pitching of the sides of the sarovar, construction of pucca walkways around the sarovar, construction of boundary wall and ghats and making provision for lights and sound system. A toilet block has also been constructed for the pilgrims. In order to provide fresh water to this holy ‘sarovar’, an inlet channel has been constructed with 450mm dia RCC pipes.

Entire project has been completed at a cost of Rs.137.61 lakh.

A few photographs of Surya Kund at Village Sajuma are :

Surya kund at Village Sajuma
surya-kund-sajuma1 surya-kund-sajuma2 surya-kund-sajuma3 surya-kund-sajuma4
surya-kund-sajuma5 surya-kund-sajuma7 surya-kund-sajuma7


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