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Since 1967 uptill formation of Congress government in March, 2005; Government of Haryana did not purchase a single aircraft for training purposes.

This paradigm was changed with the acquisition of a number of aircrafts to take advantage of the unprecedented growth in Civil Aviation sector:-
(i) Persuaded Government of India for allocating an additional training aircraft. Resultantly, Haryana was given a ‘Hansa-3’ training aircraft on 29th October, 2005.

(ii) In March, 2006; Government of Haryana ordered purchase of 2 No. ‘Sky Hawk 172-R Cessna’ aircrafts at a cost of Rs.95 lakh each. These two aircrafts were delivered in March, 2007 and are presently stationed at Civil Aviation Centre in Karnal.

(iii) A request was made to Aero Club of India for grant of a training aircraft. Resultantly, Aero Club has given a ‘Sky Hawk 172-R Cessna’ training aircraft in July, 2008. This aircraft is now based at Civil Aviation Training Centre in Hisar.

(iv) A new VIP aircraft ‘King Air B-200’ was also purchased in 2005-06 at a cost of Rs.21.90 crores.

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