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State has five civil airstrips i.e. Hisar, Bhiwani, Karnal, Narnaul and Pinjore. Land of civil airstrip at Narnaul was ownership of Gram Panchayat since the setting up of airstrips. As a first step, this land has been transferred to Department of Civil Aviation, Government of Haryana in the year 2007-08.

Three flying training academies/centres are being run by Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation (HICA) at Hisar, Karnal and Pinjore, where flying and gliding training is provided.

State has an existing fleet of eight serviceable aircrafts as follows:-
(i) 2 Cessna-152 (old)
(ii) 2 Sky Hawk-172-R Cessna Training aircraft (ordered in March, 2006 and delivered in March, 2007).
(iii) 1 Sky Hawk 172-R Cessna Training aircraft (received in July, 2008 from Aero Club of India).
(iv) 1 Pushpak MK-I (old) (v) 1 Piper Chrokee (old)
(vi) 1 Hansa -3 (received from Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India on 29th October, 2005).

In addition, State has acquired a VIP aircraft King Air B-200 in 2005-06 at a cost of Rs.21.90 crores.
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