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Civil Aviation sector in India is seeing unprecedented growth with acquisition of a new fleet by various public and private sector companies worth over 10 billions. Needless to add that there is a sky-rocketing demand for pilots and technicians. To cease this opportunity, Standing Policy Framing Committee on Civil Aviation has decided to adopt an ‘Open Sky Policy’ for inviting private civil aviation schools to operate from the four civil airstrips in Haryana i.e. Bhiwani, Karnal, Narnaul and Pinjore. Some of the highlights of the Policy are:-

(i) More than one operator is permitted to operate from a single airstrip. It is expected that 28-30 aircrafts (single engine and multi-engines) can impart flying training from aforementioned four civil airstrips. This is in addition to the aircrafts of Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation (HICA).

(ii) Annual licence fee per operator per airstrip shall be Rs.10 lakh. Operational charges shall be Rs.8,000/- per month per aircraft below 5,700 kgs. and Rs.10,000/- per month per aircraft above 5,700 kgs.

(iii) Twenty per cent (20%) of total seats offered by private operator shall be reserved for Haryana domiciles. These seats will be offered at the charges being charged by HICA. Selection to these 20% seats will be made by Advisor, Civil Aviation.

(iv) Airstrip shall be offered for an initial period of 10 years, extendable by another five years with mutual consent of State of Haryana and the operator.

(v) Preference shall be given to an applicant on the following yardsticks:-

a) An applicant having experience of running a civil aviation academy in India would be preferred. Considering the fact that private civil aviation academies in India are in infancy stage, condition of six months experience may be imposed.

(b) An applicant having collaboration with an international aviation school would be preferred. Such international aviation school must have five years operational experience with due recognition from the concerned aviation authority of the country where such aviation school is operating. Such collaborating

International Aviation School shall be required to have a 25% stake in as a co-applicant. In the alternative, an applicant may have an arrangement of payment of defined royalty to the collaborating International Aviation School

(c) An applicant backed by/having recognition/recommendation from known aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Cessna etc. would be given preference.

(d) An applicant having existing aircrafts or aircraft purchase orders with delivery time of four months or less would be preferred.

(e) An applicant having an existing service contract with Chief Flying Instructor and Chief Engineer/Quality Control Manager would be preferred.

(f) An applicant wanting to simultaneously start an Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Course/School and having the necessary tie up with a polytechnic/engineering institute situated in the State of Haryana shall be given preference.

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