New Initiatives in Public Service (March, 2005 upto September, 2007)

‘Public Transport’ is synonymous with ‘Public Service’. This has led to introduction of a series of ‘new initiatives’.

(i) ‘HARYANA GAURAV’ - ‘Aam Aadmi Ki Khas Bus’
Since 1970s onwards, Haryana Roadways continued to build and operate the classic roadways chassis.

In less than a year of taking over as Transport Minister of Congress Government, a new bus now hailed as the famous ‘Haryana Gaurav’ was introduced on 6th May, 2006. This bus sought to provide a new look chassis and deluxe bus like amenities to passengers without increasing a single paisa in fare. Motto, therefore, is ‘Aam Aadmi Ki Khas Bus’. This bus provides:-

(a) New look chassis
(b) Deluxe bus like 2x2 seats
(c) FM Radio
(d) Mobile chargers
(e) Pneumatically Operated Doors
(f) Tinted glasses
(g) Curtains
(h) Luggage holders

Presently, State has 160 ‘Haryana Gaurav’ buses. By 2020, it is targeted to phase out all ordinary chassis and replace them with ‘Haryana Gaurav’ buses. It is one of the biggest success story of Haryana Roadways in terms of operational, profitability and passenger comfort.

(ii) ‘SAARTHI’ – Volvo AC Bus Service:
Luxury bus segments was tapped by introducing ‘Saarthi’ Volvo AC bus service by taking such buses on lease w.e.f. Ist October, 2005. Introduction of this service by Haryana Roadways changed the entire traveling pattern of the region, particularly Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh.

In last 40 years, it has been among the most successful mix of operational profitability, tapping of high-end clientele giving the Roadways an image make over. It may be noted that from October, 2005 upto 14th February, 2008; State earned a profit of Rs.4,31,71,360/- from operation of Volvo AC buses alone.

(iii) ‘HARYANA UDAY’ – CNG Bus Service – a green march ahead towards a green future.
Since the Supreme Court ban on operation of diesel buses in Delhi, Haryana Roadways lost all inter-State routes, except to the Inter-State Bus Terminal, Delhi. Passengers discomfort and operational loss emanated therefrom.

In a bold new move aimed at reduction of green house gases in the entire NCR region, Haryana decided to unilaterally introduce CNG bus service i.e. ‘Haryana Uday’ in the entire NCR region. First ‘Haryana Uday’ NCG bus service was launched on 3rd August, 2006. Roadways buses fill CNG from Delhi’s CNG stations at present.

Haryana Roadways once again designed a new bus i.e. ‘Haryana Uday’ CNG bus. This bus has special features like:-

(a) Low floor
(b) Delux pattern 2x2 seats
(c) Ample space for 40 standees
(d) New look Aero dynamic design
(e) New look front facia with single piece laminated wind screen glass and tinted side/rear glasses.
(f) New colour scheme with superior PU paints and metallic finish for better aesthetic look.

‘Haryana Uday’ CNG bus service has not only provided extensive connectivity between NCR region and interior of Delhi but also provides a new way of traveling. Presently, 130 buses are in operation with more getting added every month.

In association with HUDA, Haryana has introduced low floor AC buses between Gurgaon and Delhi. As an initial measure, 15 such buses have started plying. Immense success of these buses led DTC to also introduce its ‘Marco polo’ AC CNG bus service in Delhi.

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