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A naked politico-criminal nexus exists in the State of Haryana

A naked politico-criminal nexus exists in the State of Haryana. Chief Minister, Sh. Om Prakash Chautala and his two sons, Shri Ajay Chautala – Shri Abhay Chautala, are harbingers of this nexus, its benefactors and its beneficiaries. Noted criminals, proclaimed offenders and organized gangs are granted protection, shelter and encouragement by Shri Chautala and his family members. Wide unrest and fear psychosis prevails amongst the common man, farmers, traders, poor, middle class, government employees and even the political class.

Latest instance of this unholy alliance was the decision of Haryana Cabinet dated 18th July, 2003 recommending grant of pardon to 9 convicts accused of Murder or setting ablaze individuals coupled with other serious offences. We, at Youth Congress, investigated and came out with some startling facts, which are briefly summarized hereunder:-

  1. There has been a criminal abuse of power to grant pardon/remission under Article 161 of Constitution of India. After assuming power, Sh. Chautala granted pardon to 12 persons convicted by the Highest Court for Murder coupled with other heinous offences. 6 out of these belong to the two assembly constituencies Narwana and Rori, from where he contested the assembly election. 3 out of these were released just before the assembly elections. All these convicts have been openly used by him in successive political and personal campaigns.
  2. 9 convicts are sought to be released by cabinet decision of 18th July 2003 in a similar fashion. It is in contravention of policy of Haryana Government dated 14.4.2002 for release of prisoners and the mandate of Supreme Court of India.
  3. Chautala government has also withdrawn from prosecution against 275 persons accused of serious offences like Murder, Extortion, Dacoity, Forgery, Cheating, Arms Act offences, Offences under the Essential Commodities Act and under Scheduled Castes Atrocities Act.
  4. Sh. Chautala took a proclaimed offender – Mewa Singh Bidhian – with him to China as part of an official delegation.
  5. Sh. Chautala and his family members have been responsible for launching murderous attacks on their former associates, who have now fallen apart. Most glaring case is that of Master Hari Singh – a former Political Secretary to Sh. Om Prakash Chautala and Secretary General of his party. He was attacked in broad daylight in the middle of city with iron rods causing over 42 multiple fractures, hospitalization for over 9 months and permanent disability. On a petition filed by him, High Court of Punjab and Haryana has issued notice to Sh. Om Prakash Chautala and his elder son, Sh. Ajay Chautala. Similar is the case of Sh. Dalvara Singh and his nephew, Shri Charanjit Jattana of Rori Assembly Constituency of Shri Chautala. Both of them were assaulted and threatened with physical elimination by Sh. Abhey Chautala in presence of Sh. Om Prakash Chautala and police officials. They have also now moved the High Court.
  6. Sh. Rajesh Saharan, a gang rape accused, is a permanent fixture with Sh. Abhay Chautala at all times, Similarly, another accused with known links to Punjab militants and ISI was brought on a production warrant to Sirsa (Sh. Chautala’s home district) by registering a flimsy FIR and he conveniently absconded from there.
  7. State has seen Mafia like shootouts in the courts at Panipat and Rohtak. Smt. Joginder Kaur – a sikh widow accused Shri Satbir Kadian, Speaker of State Assembly of attempting to usurp her property. First, her property was razed to the ground overnight and as she was entering the court of Magistrate to get her statement recorded, she was shot dead. A few weeks ago, Rohtak court witnessed gang warfare resulting onto shooting of a dreaded criminal by another gang, head of which is lodged in Rohtak jail and enjoys ultra modern luxuries under instructions of the government.

Collective conscience of the State has been numbed by such brazen criminalization. IYC President, Sh. Randeep Singh Surjewala took a delegation of the Youth Congress to Haryana Govenor detailing every case and facts mentioned above along with complete particulars of cases, FIR numbers, Offences, Police Stations, name of accused and date of pardon or withdrawal from prosecution. We demanded investigation of this politico-criminal nexus and refusal to grant pardon to the convicts now recommended by the state cabinet.

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