Childhod & Parents
Randeep Singh Surjewala Randeep was born as the youngest and fourth child of Ch. Shamsher Singh Surjewala and Smt. Vidya Surjewala on 3rd June, 1967 at PGIMS, Chandigarh. His father was then Minister for Agriculture & Co-operatives in the First Ministry of State of Haryana. He has three elder sisters – Mrs. Madhu Dalal, Mrs. Poonam Chaudhary and Ms. Neeru (now deceased).

Randeep’s mother, Smt. Vidya Kulharia was born in the year 1937 in Chak No. 149, Near Arafwala Mandi, Tehsil Baghpattan, District Mintg umri (now in Pakistan). During the Partition of India in 1947, she along with her family and millions of others, migrated to the present day India and settled in Hisar in Haryana.

Randeep got his moorings in grassroots in course of his primary education in Adarsh Bal Mandir, Narwana and then in Arya Higher Secondary School, Narwana, District Jind, Haryana upto Matriculation.

His father’s brush with India’s Freedom struggle started in 1940’s as President of Student Congress in District Sangrur (erstwhile Punjab). His father was expelled from Yadvindra State High School by the ruler of Sangrur for espousing the agenda of Indian National Congress. In September, 1957; his father started his law practice as an ace lawyer specializing in criminal law and jurisprudence but amiably graduated to grassroots politics getting elected first as Managing Director of Central Co-operative Bank, Sangur in 1959-60 and then as Chairman of Panchayat Samiti, Kalayat (now in District Kaithal) in the year 1961 and again in 1964. Randeep’s father is also a veteran Parliamentarian having been elected to Haryana Legislative Assembly in 1967, 1977, 1982, 1991 and 2005 and to Indian Parliament in the year 1993.

Formative schooling years in his small home town of Narwana have left an indelible impact on his upbringing, humility, sense of purpose and a keen desire for impacting change. His mother’s unflinching religious belief and compassion are largely reflected in Randeep’s way of life.
College & University Area
Randeep Singh Surjewala Randeep proceeded to take up his Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree (1981-85) from DAV School, Sector-8, Chandigarh and DAV College, Sector-10, Chandigarh. He took up his Bachelor of Law degree (1985-88) from Faculty of Law, Panjab University, Chandigarh. During his years in Law Faculty, he remained Member of the Consultative Committee of the Faculty as also Chairman of the Lawyer’s Forum. Having been enrolled as an Advocate at the age of 21 1/2 in September, 1988; he commenced his practice with the solicitors firm ‘Shroff & Company, New Delhi’ in the year 1988-89-90 and later in the High Court of Punjab & Haryana at Chandigarh in 1991. He was also awarded his Master’s degree in Political Science by the same University in April, 1995.

Besides high voltage corporate and commercial litigation, he fought for and represented a number of issues ranging from market oriented compensation for acquired land of farmers, preservation of right of the inhabitants over village common land to reinterpretation of concept of equality to mean ‘equality among equals’ and weighing of scales of equity in favour of the unequals with emphasis on their empowerment.

He enjoys the distinction of being the youngest-ever Senator of Panjab University, Chandigarh twice (1992-96 and 1996-2000) as also a Member of Syndicate of Panjab University thrice from the Faculty of Languages (1995), Faculty of Law (1997) and from Combined Faculties (1998). His tenure in Panjab University is still remembered for fiery oratory and unbending stance on not diluting the quality of academics.

Randeep got married to Gayatri on 26th December, 1991 and has two sons, Arjun aged sixteen years and Aditya aged twelve years.
Political Career
Randeep Singh Surjewala Randeep's journey from education in a small town school upto arch lights of high profile litigation in the Supreme Court have helped Randeep easily fathom the degrees of differentiation in real world. His life and political journey has been impacted by tumultuous years of struggle and experiences shaped by his extensive interaction with a number of personalities. During 1977-80, he learnt a new interpretation of lasting loyalty and commitment as he saw his father (then Leader of Congress Legislature Party) toil endlessly for resurgence of Smt. Indira Gandhi and the Indian National Congress. From 1987-90, he was an active participant in the difficult yet successful movement to rebuild the Congress in Haryana along side his father (then PCC President). Rajiv Gandhi’s steadfast resolve and vision of an empowered India in 21st Century has immensely influenced his thinking and perspective. Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s personal affection and guiding hand has nourished Randeep to take on the challenge of leadership in multiple roles. Her spirit of sacrifice, commitment to the cause of poor and unshakable immunity from unwarranted criticism has in many ways influenced Randeep’s career graph.

Randeep is known for his skills and long experience at all tiers of organizational hierarchy of Indian National Congress. He was baptized in April, 1986 as youngest Joint Secretary of Haryana State Youth Congress and was then promoted as its General Secretary. In March, 2000; Randeep became first ‘Haryanvi’ to be appointed as the National President of the youth wing of Indian National Congress i.e. Indian Youth Congress (IYC). He continued to be the President uptill February, 2005, thus making it the longest tenure in the history of IYC. In August, 2004; Randeep was appointed as Secretary of All India Congress Committee, thereby becoming the youngest office bearer of Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s team. In the run-up to the Assembly elections in Haryana, Randeep was appointed as Working President of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee in December, 2004 at the age of 37 – once again the youngest President of PCC in the State.

His experience in legislature has been equally eventful. Starting at the age of 25 1/2, Randeep contested five elections to the Haryana Legislative Assembly i.e. 1993-bye election, 1996, 2000, 2005 and 2009. In first four elections, Party chose to field him against former Chief Minister, Shri Om Prakash Chautala. Randeep emerged victorious in 1996 and again in 2005 defeating Shri Om Prakash Chautala on both occasions. 2005-Assembly elections will always be remembered for the historical victory of Randeep over Shri Chautala, then sitting Chief Minister, again a first in Northern India. This victory was doubly sweet as Congress won 67 out of 90 Assembly seats i.e. highest-ever since the formation of Haryana on Ist November, 1966.

On 10th March, 2005; Randeep was inducted as youngest Cabinet Minister in Haryana Cabinet headed by Chief Minister, Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda with portfolios of Transport & Civil Aviation; PWD (Water Supply & Sanitation) and Parliamentary Affairs. From September, 2007; Randeep was Minister for Power; PWD (Water Supply & Sanitation) and Parliamentary Affairs and heads the Standing Policy Framing Committee on Civil Aviation.

Where is continued till 22nd October, 2009; Randeep has been elected for the third time to Haryana Legislative Assembly from No. 17 Kaithal Assembly Constituency by a thumping margin of 22,502 votes over his closest rival. On 7th November, 2009; Randeep has been again sworn in as Cabinet Minister holding the portfolios of P.W.D ( Building & Roads), Public Health Engineering, Parliamentary Affairs, Electronics & Information Technology and Science & Technology in the Congress Government of Haryana.

Since 28th January 2011 Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala is minister of Industries & Commerce, Parliamentary Affairs, Science & Technology and P.W.D ( Building & Roads) in the Congress Government of Haryana.
Social Activities
Randeep Singh Surjewala Randeep has a profound belief that politics comes laced with a societal responsibility. Power of people must be used to serve those, who need it the most. He believes that cumulation of small humble efforts by different individuals/organizations can help us achieve major milestones. He re-shaped the activities of Indian Youth Congress towards this end during his tenure as its President.

On 20th August, 2002 (58th Birth Anniversary of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi); Youth Congress set up a world record of blood donation by organizing donation of 14,089 units of blood in a single day across India. This record was more than doubled to set up another world record of blood donation by organizing donation of 32,531 units of blood by Youth Congress across India on May 21, 2003 (12th Death Anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi).

A successful attempt was made to channelize the energy of Youth Congress for social causes by organizing collection and dispatch of 121 fodder trucks to drought-affected areas of Rajasthan, particularly ‘GAUSHALAS’ (May 07, 2000); a ‘JAL VITRAN ABHIYAN’ by supplying over 50,00,000 litres of water for four drought-affected districts of Rajasthan over a period of 30 days through 10 huge tankers and volunteers (May 30, 2000); a similar ‘JAL VITRAN ABHIYAN’ for the drought-affected areas of Jamnagar, Porbandar and Surender Nagar in Gujarat by supplying over 15,00,000 litres of water (May 31, 2000); setting up camp at Bhuj, Gujarat (epic-centre) post-devastation by killer earthquake for 30 days and distributing material worth over Rs.100 lakhs (January 26, 2001); collecting and dispatching 50 truck loads carrying 500 tons of relief material for the earthquake victims of Gujarat (February 04, 2001); collecting and dispatching eight truck loads carrying 720 quintals of wheat for border displaced persons of Jammu region (May 26, 2002); collecting and dispatching 30 truck loads carrying 2,700 quintals of wheat as 2nd installment for displaced persons of Jammu region (May 27, 2002); Launching ‘EK MUTHI ANAJ’ scheme to collect ‘one million kilograms’ of wheat for drought-affected areas of Rajasthan and dispatching 100 truck loads carrying 9,00,000 kilograms of wheat (May 27, 2003); sending a 2nd installment comprising 50 truck loads carrying 4,50,000 kilograms for drought-affected areas of Rajasthan (July 18, 2003) and collected and sent 4,000 quintals of wheat for flood-affected districts of Sitamari, Madhubani, Sahasrsa and Darbhanga in Bihar (Sept., 2004). These small steps go a long way in resolution of a wider magnitude of humanitarian problems.
Way Ahead
Randeep Singh Surjewala ‘Politics for meaningful change’ being his guiding mantra, Randeep strides for excellence on a day-to-day basis. Presently, Randeep lives with his wife and two sons in the government accommodation in Chandigarh.

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