KaithalNamish Tirath

‘Namish Tirath’ is detailed in ‘Aadi Parva’ of Mahabharata. It is said that encouraged by the 'Sages' and 'Saints', 'Saiti' described the entire story of 'Mahabharta'. Legend has it that during ‘Mahabharta era’, this tirath was considered so important that all the tiraths of the earth were to be present here.

'Van Parv' of Mahabharta' describes this tirath as ‘Namik Kunj Tirath’, which is said to have been built by the ‘Saints’. Legend also has it that taking a bath in sarovar of this tirath is equivalent to visiting all tiraths of the planet. Entire complex had turned into ruins for centuries.

With dedication and determination of people and Kaithal MLA & Cabinet Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala, this complex stands restored to its pristine glory.

Restoration of the Tirath has been done by stone pitching of water body, construction of walkway, construction of ghats, provision for sound and light system and construction of a toilet block and other appurtenant works. To provide fresh water to the pond, one tubewell of the size of 250mmx200mm with 152 metres depth has been installed.

Total cost incurred on restoration of this Holy Tirath has come to Rs.40.58 lakh.

A few photographs of Kund at Village Nauch are :

Kund at Village Nauch
namish-tirath1 namish-tirath2 namish-tirath3


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