KaithalDera Baba Rajpuri

Baba Rajpuri, also known as Baba Totapuri or Naga Baba, was the guru of Swami Ram Krishan Paramhans. Swami Ram Krishan Paramhans’s most famous disciple has been Swami Vivekananda.

In 18th Century, a child named Raju was born in an agriculturist family in Village Baba Ladana, Right from childhood, Raju stood out on account of his thought process and deep understanding. After having his initial education from Sarswatipuri Maharaj in adjoining Village Batta in Kaithal, this child started residing in a dera just outside Village Baba Ladana. Here, he achieved inner salvation and explored the minutest

intricacies of Nature and philosophy. He became famous as Baba Rajpuri or Baba Totapuri. During his travels, Pandit Gadadhar of Bengal was attracted to this ascetic with his overwhelming personality and Baba Rajpuri baptized him as Swami Ram Krishan Paramhans.
Till date, Baba Rajpuri’s dera in Village Baba Ladana is a source of insurmountable belief and reverence.

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