KaithalVedwati Tirath

Mention of this tirath is made extensively in 'Vaman Puraan' and briefly in Mahabharata. Ramayana details the story of this tirath as follows - After being granted a vow by 'Lord Shiva', Ravana was conducting himself cruelly.

On seeing a girl worshipping on the banks of the sarovar, he was told that she is Vedwati, daughter of Raja Kush Dhawaj. Her father wanted to marry her to 'Lord Vishnu'. On coming to know of the same, Ravana insisted that he was in no way less than Lord Vishnu and caught hold of her hair. Vedwati jumped into fire and cursed Ravana that she will take birth again. Legend has it that she was born to Raja Janak as 'Sita', which finally resulted in death of Ravana and his clan at the hands of Lord Rama.

Legend has it that anyone taking a bath in the sarovar gets the blessings of 'Kanya Yag' and is cleansed of his/her sins.

Entire complex had turned into ruins for centuries. With dedication and determination of people and Kaithal MLA & Cabinet Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala, this complex stands restored to its pristine glory.

Restoration includes construction of stone pitching of the entire water body with walkways, provision of sound and light system, construction of toilet block and construction of an inlet water channel with 450mm dia RCC pipes to provide fresh water to the ‘sarovar’.

Cost incurred on restoration of this holy ‘sarovar’ is Rs.44.58 lakh.

A few photographs of Village Balwanti's Sarovar are :

Village Balwanti's Sarovar
vedwati-tirath1 vedwati-tirath2 vedwati-tirath3 vedwati-tirath4


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