KaithalShringi Rishi/Shankhni Devi Tirath

In Mahabharata, this tirath is described as one of the three 'Devi Tiraths'. Legend has it that by taking bath in the sarovar of this Tirath, each human being achieves his/her best potential. 'Brahma Puraan' also makes a mention of this tirath. This tirath finds mentioned in the ‘Sarv Tirath Maha Tamya’ Chapter of ‘Brahmpuraan’. ‘Naarad Puraan’ also mentions this tirath as ‘Devi Tirath’ and it is said that taking a bath and praying at this tirath is equivalent to participating in ‘Mahabharta’. It is believed that ‘Devi Shankhni' had prayed to 'Maharshi Shringi' at this spot.

There are two temples adjoining the Sarovar i.e. temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. In the north is a temple of Santoshi Mata and in the south is a temple of Shringi Rishi also mentioned as the Samadhi of Shringi Rishi.

Entire complex had turned into ruins for centuries. With dedication and determination of people and present day Kaithal MLA & Cabinet Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala, this complex stands restored to its pristine glory.

Restoration includes stone pitching of sides of the sarovar, making a concrete path around the sarovar, construction of boundary wall, installation of a tubewell of size of 250mmx200mm with 152 metres depth for fresh water, construction of public toilets and making provision for electric lights and sound system.

Total cost incurred on restoration of this holy tirath is Rs.109.11 lakh.

A few photographs of Village Sanghan, Kaithal are :

Village Sanghan
shringi-rishi1 shringi-rishi2 shringi-rishi3 shringi-rishi4


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