KaithalBidkiyar(Vidhkiyar) Lake, Kaithal

Vaman Puran describes Bidkyar (Vidhkyar) Sarover as Vridh Kedar Tirath (Pilgrim), where one achieves moksha by offering prayers and taking baths on its ghats. Legend has it that in the pre-Mahabharta age, entire area was parched with no availability of even drinking water for miles together in all directions.

Bidkyar - a farmer - prayed to Lord Shiva for years together. Lord Shiva appeared and gave boon of abundance of water and fertility of soil making the entire Kaithal-Kurukshetra-Karnal belt fertile and full of water. Legend also has it that Lord Krishna and Pandavas prayed on the banks of Bidkyar Sarovar before undertaking the Dharamyudh of Kurukshetra.

Having fallen victim to centuries of ignorance and rapid urbanization, Bidkyar Sarovar became a collecting point of waste water and sewage of nearly 9000 houses in its vicinity.

By herculean efforts and insurmountable dedication of people and Kaithal MLA & Cabinet Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala, Bidkyar Sarovar has been restored to its pristine glory by extensive cleaning of sewage, digging, stone-pitching, reconstruction of all the ghats, construction of walk-ways and a two feet high stone-pitched wall all around the complex, besides making provision for proper lighting. Fresh water has been provided by connecting Keorak Minor through underground pipelines. Sewage of 9000 houses that used to fall in the Sarovar for decades has been tapped through two underground and overground tanks by installing high velocity Sewage Lifting Pumps.

Bidkyar Sarovar is now not only the biggest water recharge body in many districts but it is also visited by thousands of people every day for its beauty, its history and its beautifully serene surrounding.

Total cost incurred on restoration of this Holy Sarovar is Rs.853.63 lakh.

A few photographs of BIDKYAR(Vidhkiyar) Lake In Kaithal are:

bidyakar-lake-pond1 bidyakar-lake-pond2 bidyakar-lake-pond3 bidyakar-lake-pond4
bidyakar-lake-pond5 bidyakar-lake-pond7 bidyakar-lake-pond7


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