KaithalGau Bhawan Tirath

This pious place finds mention in Mahabharata as also in Padam Puraan by the name of' Gauan Bhawan.

Legend has it that Maharshi Nihal used to worship on its banks besides dedicating his life in the service of cows. At a point of time while digging the pond, a dead cow and a dead calf were discovered. Maharshi took the dead cow to 360 tiraths without any avail. Legend has it that God gave a vow to Maharshi to take back the cow and calf to Gau Bhawan for bathing in the same sarovar. On doing so, cow and calf came alive. It has two Shiva temples and eight temples of saints of Giris besides a sarovar and its ghats.

Entire complex had turned into ruins for centuries. With dedication and determination of people and Kaithal MLA & Cabinet Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala, this complex stands restored to its pristine glory.

Restoration includes stone pitching of the sides, re-construction of ghats, construction of pucca path around the sarovar, provision for lights and sound system. A toilet block has also been constructed for the pilgrims. To provide fresh water, one big tubewell of size of 250mmx200mm with 152 metres depth has also been installed.

Total cost incurred on restoration of this Holy project is Rs.136.65 lakh.

A few photographs are :

Gau Bhawan in Village Guhna
vill-guhna1 vill-guhna2 vill-guhna3 vill-guhna4


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