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Campaign culminated in a massive rally held at Punhana, Mewat

Mewat – the predominantly Muslim minority inhabited area abutting Rajasthan – is easily the most backward regions of State of Haryana. This region has a definite political impact on the outcome of half a dozen seats in the adjoining Rajasthan. During four and a half years of Lok Dal – BJP alliance government of Shri Chautala, this region has witnessed sustained discrimination in irrigation and power supply as well as infrastructure, near absence of any health facilities, virtual closure of primary-middle-secondary schools coupled with lack of any higher education facilities, unabated unemployment and atrocities by the State’s police network questioning nationalistic credentials of anyone demanding accountability of State Government. Even on our part in Congress Party, there has been a certain lack of prioritization for this region.

With this view; we at Youth Congress started a village level awareness campaign for exposing the highhandedness and discriminatory attitude of Chautala Government. This campaign culminated in a massive rally held at Punhana on 22nd August, 2003. About 15,000 persons enthusiastically participated in the rally. I can look back and confidently say that it was among the biggest congress rallies held in the area in recent years.

Besides the IYC Chief, Sh. Randeep Singh Surjewala, Shri Parvesh Hashmi, AICC Secretary incharge of Haryana; Shri Hasan Mohammed, Former Minister and a number of local leaders of the area participated.

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