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Farmer's Protest Rally at Narwana, Haryana

Haryana is among the worst effected States on account of present unprecedented Drought. Lok Dal Government of Om Prakash Chautala has, however, remained immune to the immeasurable saga of misery of poor farmers and poorer farm labourers. Om Prakash Chautala and his band of legislators have been pre-occupied with their foreign jaunts when three fourth of the State was reeling under one of the worst droughts. Obviously, no assistance worth the name has been given to the farming sector.

Coming on heels of our successive efforts to draw the attention of the nation towards the criminal apathy of the Central Government, Youth Congress organized a massive 'Farmer's Protest Rally' on 7th August, 2002. We particularly pointed out that often-professed pro-farmer government of Om Prakash Chautala has come a cropper proving that its lust for personal prestige and power far supercedes the concern for the farming community. We also pointed out that personal schism between Union Agricultural Minister, Shri Ajit Singh and Om Prakash Chautala was also a primary reason for non-grant of any assistance to the farming community in Haryana.

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