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Jan Jagran Rally in Kutlehar, Himachal Pradesh

Elections are due in Himachal Pradesh in Febuary, 2003 and are likely to be held towards end of December 2002 or January 2003. We have geared up the Youth Congress to launch a people's Movement uptill the grassroots against the Dhumal Government.

We initiated this movement with a Jan Jagran Rally in Kutlehar Dist. Una on 7th September 2002. With 65%of State's population below 40 years of age, Himachal has the largest number of registered and unregistered unemployed as a percentage of the total population. Pointing out BJP's failure to fulfill its solemn promise of creation of even minimum jobs, we also benefit to a handful, industrial houses - most glaring example being that of although factories operate out of Himachal. We also brought out the all-pervading corruption in the Dhumal government with Chief Minister himself cornering Petrol Pump/Gas Agency for his son and nephew in Jullandhar by declaring them to be residents of Punjab.

Besides Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala and PYC President, Senior Congress leaders including Thakur Ram Lal, MLA, Shri Kuldeep Kumar, MLA; Maj. General Vikram Singh, former MP and senior congress leader; Raja Mohinder Singh and a number of former legislators addressed the gathering.

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