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Kaithal - An Introduction

KaithalKaithal, also known as Kapisthal, is part of 48 Yojan (Kos) Bhoomi (Land) of Kurukshetra. Situated on the banks of Holy River Sarswati, Kaithal, also known as Dev Bhoomi, is a centre point of Hindu Mythology and History.

Kaithal - Kapisthal In Puranas

Oldest Indian scriptures, such as Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabharta, Vaman Puraan, Panini’s Astha - Dhyayyi and Brihat Sanhita of Varah Mihir detail the city as Kapisthal. In Mahabharta’s Van Parv, Kaithal is described as an abode of Mahatma Kapisthal. In the 4th Century B.C., Greek Ambassador Megasthenes in the court of King Chandergupta had described Kaithal as Kambisthalo in his famous book Indica. Famous Persian scholar Al-Biruni has described Kaithal as Kavital in his book Kitab-ul-Hind. Prior to construction of G.T. Road by Sher Shah Suri (1540-44), Kaithal was situated on the main route proceeding from Lahore to Delhi, making it a centre of trade and politics.
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Sustained Development of Kaithal

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