KaithalNew Landmark Developmental Works in Progress

A number of new land mark developmental works are in progress. These are:

Rajiv Gandhi Park

Rajiv Gandhi Par

A beautiful park with walk ways, water bodies and fountains designated as 'Rajiv Gandhi Udyan' is being constructed on 2.68 acres of land in the heart of the city next to Pehowa Chowk. It will have a beautiful sculpture of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi depicting onwards march of young India as also a stone etched statue of Mahatma Gandhi with his famous sayings. Approximate cost of this park is Rs.161 lakh.

Haryana Shaheed Samarak

Tenders have been floated for construction of War Memorial-cum-Park designated as 'Haryana Shaheed Samark' next to Bidkyar Lake on Municipal road. Name of each martyr of Haryana, who had laid his/her life for the nation since 15th August, 1947 till date, along with rank, regiment and date of sacrifice, shall be etched on granite columns running across the park. Center of the park shall have two water bodies. In center thereof, there shall be a fifty feet high 'tree of life' with diod lights and laser beams depicting assimilation of Universe with the pious souls of our soldiers. Project is at tender stage and is estimated to cost nearly Rs.200 lakh.

Shaheed Udham Singh Park

Near Mata Gate Kaithal, it is proposed to create 'Shaheed Udham Singh Park' over nearly 2.75 acres of land. Besides walk ways, gardens, lighting and sitting areas, this park will be unique as it will have at the center of the park four statues facing four different directions of Shaheed Udham Singh, Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak, Ashfaq Ula Khan and Madan Lal Dhingra. It shall also provide the much needed open space for recreation to residents of the area from Mata Gate upto Khurana Road.

Maharishi Balmiki Community Complex

In order to provide space for community gathering and marriages at cheapest rates possible for common man, it is proposed to construct a Community Complex designated as 'Maharishi Balmiki Community Complex' over a piece of 2.5 acres of land on Sirta road in Kaithal City. It will have a covered Community Hall along with open ground space and gardens for holding functions indoors and outdoors. Separate parking space for vehicles has also been carved out. This project is likely to cost over Rs.100 lakh.

Bhagwan Shri Ram Community Ground

In order to provide an open space for community gathering and all type of functions in heart of the city, it is proposed to convert / reconstruct an open space designated as 'Bhagwan Shri Ram Community Ground'. This oval sized piece of land measuring 4500 square yards shall have a 20x25 stage with walls, grills and lighting all around. It shall have a beautiful entry gate along with two steps for sitting area next to the wall in the entire length of ground. The entire open space shall have cement concrete blocks. This project is likely to cost nearly Rs.50 lakh.

Smt. Om Prabha Jain Commercial and Residential Complex

An area of 11710 sq. meters (2.9 acres) is situated in the heart of the city next to Chandana Gate. This area had been lying in dis-use for decades and it become a garbage dumping ground with extensive filth and stray animals occupying this area.

It has been decided to develop this area as a comprehensive planned Commercial-cum-Residential Complex by way of improvement trust Scheme No. 14. A sum of Rs.100 lakh has been sanctioned for the purpose. This complex has been named after Late Smt. Om Prabha Jain.

Details of this Complex are as follows:

(i) Total area 11710 sq. meters
(ii) Residential plots 30 no. (area 3088 sq. meters)
(iii) Commercial booths 25 no. (area 567 sq. meters)
(iv) Area under roads, parks, pavement of parking 3650 sq. meters
(v) Area under toilets 37.74 sq. meters
(vi) Area under public institutions 3488 sq. meters

Scheme is nearing completion.

New Block of PWD Rest House at Kaithal

Rapid growth of District Kaithal has seen rapid inflow of officers, businessmen and professionals into the city. Existing rest house of PWD B&R was built in the year 1964 and 1971 and is insufficient.

A new block comprising of one VIP Suite and five more rooms along with a dinning-cum-conference hall has been sanctioned at a cost of Rs.99.76 lakh. Same is under construction at present.

Swami Vivekanand District Library

'Swami Vivekanand District Library' is under construction in the center of the City near Pehowa Chowk at a cost of Rs.126.77 lakh. It will be the first library of the District making it a hub of intellectual growth and discussion.

Judicial Officer's Complex

An entire housing complex for Judicial Officers is being constructed in Sector 19 Part-I, HUDA Kaithal at a cost of Rs.541.57 lakh. Residence of District and Sessions Judge, Kaithal stands completed at a cost of Rs.31 lakh.

Media Centre

A Media Centre is also under construction near Pehowa Chowk.

Traffic Park

A most modern Traffic Park is under construction over 62 Kanals of land next to the new Bus Stand with an approximate cost of Rs.176 lakh.

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