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'People's Agenda' Against DMK - BJP Regime in Tamil Nadu

Indian Youth Congress has initiated a humble effort of mobilizing public opinion by setting up a 'People's Agenda' against the ruling DMK-BJP regime in Tamil Nadu.

On 7th September, 2000, Youth Congress workers protested and submitted memorandum in the State over following issue: -

  1. Non-grant of minimum Support Price of Rs.1000 to Sugarcane Farmers as promised by Shri Karunanidhi. Particularly, it was sought to be highlighted that 10.5% Sugar content crop sought by procurement agencies for price of Rs.1000 can not be grown in peculiar land and weather conditions in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Non-grant of Minimum Support Price of Rs.580 per Quintal to Paddy Farmers and nexus between middlemen and State govt.
  3. Great injustice to copra (dried coconut) farmer where sale price is Rs. 32.50 but farmers and farm labourers get only Rs. 24 with rest of the money being siphoned off in a systematic manner by agents of ruling party.
  4. Problem of Green leaf (Tea) growers and pluckers in Nilgiri and other areas. They have been persistently demanding Rs. 15 to Rs.20 per Kg.
  5. Problem of 10 to 15 lakh weavers. On account of non-availability of basic raw material i.e. cotton and silk at reasonable rates and reckless imports at high prices, stocks of traditional dhoties of Coimbatore, Tripur Distt. Etc. and Kanjivaram Sarees have piled up with no marketing strategies or action plan to make this industry economically viable.
  6. Unprecedented hike in Transport Fare and Electricity rates particularly for domestic and agricultural sectors.
  7. Pitiable law and order situation with criminals getting state protection and complete lack of new job creation or industrial development.

IYC President, Mr. Randeep Singh Surjewala along with Youth Congress General Secretary in charge personally attended the programme at Chennai.

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