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Praja Samara Bheri against TDP - BJP Govt. in Andhra Pradesh

Indian Youth Congress has launched a statewide 50 Lakh signature campaign known as "PRAJA SAMARA BHERI" against the TDP - BJP Government in Andhra Pradesh on following issues:-

  • Unprecedented hike in Power rates for domestic and agricultural sector as is apparent from the figures given below:-
Old Rates
New Rates
50 units
80 Paisa per unit
135 Paisa per unit
200 units
160 Paisa per unit
295 Paisa per unit
400 units
290 Paisa per unit
625 Paisa per unit

Hike in Agricultural sector is about 70%.

  • Rank Indebtedness of the state. State Debt stands at 35,000 crores approximately or Rs. 5000 per person living in the state.
  • Farmer and Farm laborers are being forced to commit suicide on account of agricultural economy of the state being in shambles.
  • Over 5000 jobs have been frozen by State Government.
  • Price Rise in essential commodities sold through PDS as also other essential commodities such as Diesel, urea, DAP, cooking gas, Kerosene etc.

Mr. Randeep Singh Surjewala deputed one office bearer per distt., who will visit all the blocks of the districts to over see the awareness drive.

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