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50 Wheat Truckloads Sent To Rajasthan As Drought Relief.

'To wipe every tear of the last man standing' as also 'to give all and to give without expectation' for the suffering and the needy is what Hon'ble Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi asks for from each congressmen and women, particularly the young.

Smt. Gandhi was kind enough to flag off the first installment of 100 truckloads of wheat on 27th May 2003. Perturbed therefrom, Union government even denied permission for flagging off of second installment. Her inspiration and the sincerity of our purpose ensured that truth prevails over political expediency.

We are humbled as also overwhelmed by affection of Hon'ble Congress President in flagging off the second installment of 50 truckloads of wheat weighing 4,50,000 Kilograms for Rajasthan on 19th July 2003.

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