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'Yuva Kranti March cum Rally', New Delhi

On 30th January, Hon'ble Congress President, Smt, Sonia Gandhi called upon all Congressmen to follow the path of struggle undeterred by onslaught of cornmunal forces wrecking the very fundamentals of our democracy, particularly against the design of these forces to sell family silver i.e. profitable P.S.U's for pittance and trample upon the Interests of gullible farming community as also youth looking upto Congress Party with a new hope.

Indian Youth Congress responded with a massive agitation at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 5th February, 2003 Thousands of Youth activists participated in the 'Yuva Kranti March cum Rally' and over 12,000 courted arrest along with the undersigned, demanding:-

  1. Accountability for sellout of 'National Security' and 'National Honour' by BJP's, weak kneed central government exemplified by Lahore Bus Yatra, Kargill War, Kandhar hijack fiasco, brazen attacks on important national monuments like Red Fort -Parliament -J & K Assembly -Raghunath Tample - Akshardham Temple -Amarnath Yatris etc., Agra Summit, killing of Indian soldiers by Bangladesh, recent border build up involving 8000 crore rupees of wasteful expenditure and low troop morale.
  2. Loot in Sale of Public Sector Undertakings like Modem Bread, VSNL, Balco, Centaur Hotel, HPCL and proposed sale of principal oil companies like BPCL, HPCL etc.;
  3. Scams of over 50,000 crores from to Defence purchases during Kargill war to UTI Scam to Securities scam to Waiving of license fee of cellular operator to recent WLL and GSM operators dispute leading to hike in telephone rates for common man;
  4. All pervading Unemployment.

Shri Kamal Nath, Shri Oscar Femandes, Shri Mukul Wasnik -General Secretaries of AICC, Shri Ahmed Patel- Political Secretary to Hon'ble Congress President, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Member CWC & PCC Chief, J & K were kind enough to address the rally and encourage the boys.

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