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'Yuva Kranti Rally', Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani, Haryana

Alcoholism and gambling are the bane of any modern society. More then arms and ammunition, they are the ultimate tools of corrupting a whole new generation.

In his personal lust for ill-gotten wealth, Haryana Chief Minister - Om Prakash Chautala has taken it upon itself to make the 'land of Gita' a gambling den. Passing of 'Casino Bill' in the state assembly without permitting any discussion, envisaging across the board permission to open unlimited number of casinos and entering into understanding with dubious persons / companies for this purpose, are but a part of this unholy design. On the other hand, unemployment has reached a new high in the state with almost all jobs reserved for wards of Lok Dal leaders or up for sale for money.

To protest against the same, Youth Congress organized a massive 'Yuva Kranti Rally' at Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani, Haryana on 20th December, 2002. Thousands of enthusiastic youth and women participated with fervor vowing to struggle against these draconian policies to save the culture and inheritance of our forefathers. Besides IYC President, Sh. Randeep Singh Surjewala, Sh. Mukul Wasnik, General Secretary, AICC participated and enthused the youth.

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