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A number of initiatives have been launched to ensure supply of regular and clean drinking water. These are:-

(i)Independent feeder for water works: Since 2006-07, a special allocation of Rs.400 lakhs per year is being made every year for setting up independent electricity feeders for water works in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of water in the event of failure of electricity. It is imperative in light of frequent power cuts in the State leading to denial of even regular supply of water to people.

(ii) A new chemical for cleaning water i.e. ‘Twin-Oxide’ is now being used in most urban areas in Haryana as a replacement of ‘Chlorine’. Advantage of ‘Twin-Oxide’ is that it is effective for nearly 12 hours, is odorless and leads to no deposits in the water tanks.

(iii) Water is stored in ‘Clean Water Tanks’ after treatment for onward supply to consumers. Chlorination and other processing results in gradual deposits of Chlorine and sand in these ‘Clean Water Tanks’. An initiative was launched to clean all the ‘Clear Water Tanks’ in urban areas through ‘Tan-Clean’ i.e. a UV based technology. All villages are also proposed to be similarly covered in future.

(iv) In order to ensure complete transparency, e-tendering and RTGS was introduced for the first time for all contracts.

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