In Kaithal city sewage facility at every home.

  • From year 1947 – February 2005 sewage pipeline was only 10 km. in length. From February 2005 till now in Kaithal city 87.58 km. long new pipeline has been laid. Its cost is Rs. 1625.71 lakh.
  • On “Baba Ladano Road” with “Balku wali Gandi” at a cost of Rs. 1971 lakh, 10 (100 lakh litre) daily capacity holding waste research plant has been started. For this from Gram Panchayat of Patti Khot 33 area of land has been taken whose price is Rs. 300 lakh.
  • Along with this at a cost of Rs. 1125 lakh, 10 mld. (100 lakh Litre) daily capacity holding other waste research plant is being made. This would be first plant of Northern India and Haryana to use SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) technique.
  • In city situated on Daand Road near Maharaja Palace, a drain is originating from there to make it strong and covered work has been started and this will be completed soon. On this Rs. 240 lakh will be spent.
  • New open drains for rain water has been made and come are being made. On them Rs. 124 lakh will be spent. Due to this rain water will go out of the place quickly.
  • At the cost of Rs. 500 lakh in next 6 months approximately 28.5 km. more sewage pipelines will be laid.

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